FRX-150 Out-Front Flail Mower


An outfront machine has many advantages over rear mounted, including operator comfort and visibility and its manoeuvrability in confined areas, around road signs, trees and other obstacles. Not only will the Wessex ProLine FRX 150 cope with longer grass on roadside verges, but it will also leave a premium result on sports turf at high speeds with no grass swathing, as with a rotary machine.

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Reduced budgets and less frequent mowing cycles mean that that local authorities require a machine that will cut and mulch lush grass without untidy swathing, as with a rotary mower. The Wessex FRX-150 out-front flail mower will do just that!

Additional information

Weight 200000 kg

Cutting width 1.5m
Overall width 1.73m
Weight 220kg
Cutting height range 25mm – 100mm
No of flails 34